Full System 115/112

Everything you need to have the full dual amp set up, foot controllable with Eminence Reignmaker and Eminence 1518 in separate cabs, which can be used for stereo spacing effects.

Product Info

Included in the package:

  • Filthy Pre 2 Amplifier
  • Filthy Organic Power Amplifier
  • 112 Cab
  • 115 Cab
  • Eminence Reignmaker Speaker
  • Eminence 1518
  • Interconnect lead 4 metres
  • 3m speaker lead
  • 300mm speaker lead

  • Dimensions and Weights:

  • 115 cab loaded with speaker and Organic power amp: 25.4kg, 640mm(H) x 500mm(W) x 300mm(D)
  • 112 cab loaded with speaker: 10.2kg, 440mm(H) x 380mm(W) x 320mm(D)
  • Pre2: 7.8kg, 120mm(H) x 405mm(W) x 260mm(D)
  • The Sound

    The Full 115/112 system is one of the most versatile you'll ever come across. When you play through most modelling amps or multi channel amps they give you a large range of tones, however, certain frequencies begin to disappear if you play them against a band or in a mix.

    As many great sound engineers know, when you EQ a sound it shifts the phase leaving you with potential dropout frequencies. In a real valve amplifier the main tone shaping characteristics come from the output transformer, power valves and speakers without giving you phase issues.

    Having two characteristically different types of speaker, different power valves and different output transformers you really do have a range of tones at your fingertips.

    The Eminence Reignmaker with FDM technology, adds an array of options, with a control on the back that reduces the efficiency of the speaker by 9db, you can balance the sound of the two amplifiers in a different way. The Eminence 1518 is a very sensitive American sounding speaker with as much bass as you'd ever need, perfect for a texas flood or a quick surf, but with appropriate amp settings to overdrive with a real throaty roar.

    This system will take you from any kind of vintage clean tone to any kind of vintage overdrive.