• Two amps Play through two amps at once, in phase, no ground loops.

  • Modular system Every Filthy Preamp works with any Filthy Power amp, which fit into all Filthy cabs.

  • Preamp on the floor Foot controls without relays. The highest quality, quietest signal chain possible.

  • British & American Genuinely choose between a British or American tone and anything in-between by blending with your volume pedals. No artificial channel voicings, just an authentic British amp and an authentic American amp.

  • Hand wired in Wales Using only the highest quality components.

Modular Valve Amp

Imagine being able to plug into two amplifiers at once, both vintage classics at opposite ends of the audio spectrum. Both do amazing clean tones, one sparkly, one spanky each with incredible overdrives. One ranges from creamy to crisp, the other from a tight grinding overdrive to a wild raunchy sound. They can take you from squishy, vintage compression to a larger range of dynamics, with the flick of a switch.

Now imagine being able to play through both at once without any phase or ground loop issues and being able to blend easily with volume pedals for each amp. Then being able to flip which preamp goes to which power amp or which power amp goes to which speaker, opening up a whole world of amazing tones.


Endless Possibilities

  • Whole Amp Channel Switching One amp for clean one amp for lead, nothing could be simpler. Forget channels, you can really dial in the tone this way.
  • Clean and Dirty! Add extra definition to your sumptuous overdrive tone by over-laying an all valve crystal clean sound.
  • Filthy Dirty! Get a MASSIVE tone, press the boost on the cleaner amp whilst playing through the two characteristically different amps.
  • Wet/Dry Rig Use the effects loop to insert your time-based effects into one of the amps so you can have a cleaner effects signal path whilst keeping the other amp for the Filth. Then use the volume on the wet amp as a real time effects blend.
  • Real Stereo Plug your time-based effects into both effects loops for true stereo.
  • Producers Tip... Use one amp clean but very dynamic and touch sensitive, use the other clean but compressed. This will keep you firmly in the mix when playing with a band but still retain the real character from the dynamic amp.


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